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maven-polyglot and IntelliJ

Mark Thomas

IntelliJ doesn't have support yet for non-XML Maven POMs, but all if not lost if you want to use them with your favourite IDE.  The polyglot-translate-plugin provides a good workaround by generating a pom.xml which IntelliJ can use based on your Ruby/Groovy/Clojure etc. POM.

For example, if you are using Ruby then you can run the following command to generate a pom.xml:

mvn io.takari.polyglot:polyglot-translate-plugin:translate -Dinput=pom.rb -Doutput=pom.xml

If you want to avoid typing out the parameters each time you run the translate goal, then you can move the plugin settings to your pom.rb:

build do
	plugin_management do
		plugin 'io.takari.polyglot:polyglot-translate-plugin' do
			configuration('input' => 'pom.rb', 'output' => 'pom.xml')

Your pom.xml can then be generated with:

mvn io.takari.polyglot:polyglot-translate-plugin:translate

There is an open feature request to add maven-polyglot to IntelliJ: